Frequently asked questions concerning the separate medical subjects (FAQ)


 Inflammations of the gum

 Removing wisdom teeth

 Tooth resection



 Arbeiten mit dem Operationsmikroskop

 Videoaufzeichnung der Operation

 Ultraschalldiagnostik in der Mund-Kiefer-Gesichtschirurgie


 Angst vor der Behandlung

 Homöopathische Unterstützung



 Behandlungshinweise bei bestimmten Vorerkrankungen

 Notfälle in der Mund-Kiefer-Gesichtschirurgie (im Aufbau)

 Literatur, die auch und besonders für Patienten interessant ist

 Behandlung während der Schwangerschaft - Stellungnahme der DGZMK

 Röntgen beim Zahnarzt - Stellungnahme zur DGZMK

 Zungen- und Mundbrennen - Gute Seite der DGZMK


With these pages we want to use the possibilities of the internet to give you further newsworthy information all the time.

Medicine is a science, that keeps going. Therefore you shouldn´t wonder, if you the contents of this internet page have changed already several weeks after having had a look on our page.

We try to transform our knowledge from courses, congresses, literature and from our own experiences immediately.

I´m not a programmer or a demigod, but I´m a doctor and a human being and therefore I can´t guarantee you the up-to-dateness of each single statement in these many pages. But I try to.

Another advantage of this internet page: I have to control my knowledge constantly, because everyone can see if I have updated this homepage.

Furthermore and of course it is very important  –not only out of the legitimacy- that this information can´t substitute a medical examination and consultation.

And finally I request you to take in consideration, that in medicine also is valid: “not only one way leads to Rom”. Even the most popular scientists have different opinions concerning the separate forms of treatment.


If you have further questions, ideas and proposals, please send us a message.


We are pleased about your proposals, because we want to update this homepage all the time!